EFICE, we create software for the fishing industry.

EFICE is a company that develops software solutions that can be universally used in the fishery sector. EFICE resolutions like the EFICE logbooks, quota-, fleet-, and catch management, gives the user insight in his catches. EFICE solutions are globally used in both the demersal and the pelagic fishery.  

SaaS software.

EFICE develops its solutions as a service, also known as SaaS. A specialized and adept team is working continually to create the most advanced software solutions for our customers. This results in time-saving and technically advanced solutions for skippers, agents, producers’ organizations, governments, etc.

Specialist in data management for maritime businesses.

Tracking data and logbook messages from the vessels are translated into distinct reports and overviews of the fishing trips. Captains, vessel owners, agents, and vessel owning companies have 24/7 access to the catch information of their vessel(s) or fleet.

Thanks to fundamental aspects like distribution, analysis, clear overviews of the catch, and well-organized reports, our solutions help to manage and maintain sustainable catch management. EFICE solutions explain all the data in understandable and crystal-clear reports. These reports can be used by the skippers at sea and offices at shore.

Various report options allow all users to create functional data that can be used in research and other affairs in their work field.

Our software solutions and services contain:

Solutions that can be used at sea and on the shore.

24/7 insight of the catch.

Cloud hosting and
global positioning solutions.

Solutions EFICE offers:

Why you should choose EFICE

EFICE is a company that has a clear view of today’s market, including demersal and pelagic vessels and offices on the shore. Thanks to a longer than a decade of experience, knowledge and close contact with our customers, EFICE understands the wishes and necessities of the market. To listen and respond, EFICE has found the ideal balance between user-friendliness and functionality that is implemented in all the EFICE resolutions. Stability, accessibility, and continuously innovating have succeeded in more than a thousand global installations of EFICE solutions both at sea and on the shore. By providing EFICE customers with specialized solutions and 24/7 access to the catch onboard, they can be positive that EFICE is there to help them momentarily and in the future.


Our team has extensive knowledge of technical matters and the current state of the fishing industry.


All our products consist of the most advanced and most comprehensive technical abilities.

Support, day and night.

A competent support team, reachable 24/7, and always ready to accommodate the customer with quick and adequate service.

Request a license key.

To use the EFICE E-Catch elogbook, you need to apply a license key in the logbook. With the following applications, you are able to request a license key.

Latest news

  • EFICE visited Seafood Expo Global in Barcelona

    29 April 2022

    This week we visited the Seafood Expo Global in Barcelona, the world’s largest seafood trade fair. We got to connect with a lot of familiar faces as well as some new players. It feels good to make connections and get a sense of who is out there. It was a great experience! EFICE will have...

  • Member of parliament visited EFICE

    8 March 2022

    Last Friday, March 4th, Member of Parliament Roelof Bisschop visited our company together with alderman Nathanaël Middelkoop. We’ve informed Mr. Bisschop about our latest innovations, upcoming technologies and opportunities in the fishing industry. With a PowerPoint presentation, manager Teun de Boer explained the challenges and opportunities that are facing the fishing industry. Open communication between...

  • M-Catch elogbook is now used by Belgium fishing vessels.

    11 February 2022

    On the first of February ’22, all the Belgian fishing vessels have started using the new M-Catch elogbook. In cooperation with the Belgian government, we have successfully provided all Belgian fishing ships with a new online elogbook. From November to December 2021, several courses were held for all skippers about the workings of the new...

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