Our mission

For over a decade has EFICE made name for itself in the fisheries sector. With specializes and time-saving solutions that are used onboard the vessel and on the shore. Thanks to the resolutions of EFICE, fishermen can concentrate on fishing rather than spending too much time registering catch and other formalities. EFICE had frequent contact throughout the development of the solutions. To have a clear view of the wishes and demands of the market, EFICE keeps having regular contact with skippers, agents, vessel owners, etc. to know what is going on and what their wishes are. A specialized team is obtainable all hours of the week to help our customers and help them when they require support. By creating a perfect balance between on the one hand client-and user-friendliness and on the other side functionality in our solutions, EFICE had created op a good and trustworthy name for themselves. This has resulted in more than a thousand installations of EFCIE solutions internationally on pelagic and demersal vessels

EFICE provides software solutions for the entire fishing industry!

Our team

The EFICE team includes the following members:

Teun de Boer
Manager EFICE
Tel: +31 (0)527 689 701
E-mail: t.deboer@efice.com

Barend Hakvoort
Tel: +31 (0)527 689 720
E-mail: b.hakvoort@efice.com

Pieter Maarten Bakker
Back office / Auctioneer
Tel: +31 (0)527 689 702
E-mail: p.m.bakker@efice.com  

Louw Post
Tel: +31 (0)85 777 4445
E-mail: l.post@efice.com

Albert Hoekman
Support manager
Tel: +31 (0)85 777 4445
Email: a.hoekman@efice.com

Lukas Koffeman
Tel: +31 (0)85 777 4445

Cees van den Berg
Tel: +31 (0)527 689 706
E-mail: c.vandenberg@efice.com

Albert Bakker
Tel: +31 (0)527 689 775
E-mail: a.bakker@efice.com

Willem Hartman
IT / Support
Tel: +31 (0)85 777 4445
E-mail: w.hartman@efice.com