EFICE Office

Your own fleet management,
to be used at the shore.

EFICE OFFICE is specially created for shipping companies, vessel owners, agents, governments, and PO’s. By using EFICE Office the user has insight into the catch that is still on board the vessel at sea and has insight into the messages that the vessel is sending to the government. The user also has the possibility to create up to date reports over current and previous trips, to see and create landing declaration, and to see sales declaration.  The user only has excess to the data of his own vessels and fleet.

EFICE Office has various permissions that can be added to the user account. For example, the main user has every permission and another member of staff can only see (parts of) the trip or only landing declarations. There are permissions to create a landing declaration and permissions to only see a landing declaration, to see an entire trip or only a part of it, and to see the production that is registered in EFCIE Trawler of not. The main user can allocate the permissions to his staff.

  • EFICE Office offers the user the opportunity to create various types of reports, for example, the report of the collective daily catch of his fleet. Besides creating a daily catch report the user has the option to create a report over the vessels X, Y and, Z to see what they have caught of fish species A (more than one option is possible) in the time of choice.
  • EFICE Office provides the user with a clear overview of the total catch quantum per vessel per fleet based on the landed weight of the vessel(s).
  • Updates and amendments do not need to be done manually by a member of the EFICE support team but are done automatically without interfering with the users.
  • EFICE Office is developed in close relation with various shipping companies, agents, and governments.
  • EFICE Office can be used on various PCs, laptops, smartphones, and other mobile devices.

BI-tool API

  • EFICE Office can be expanded with the option to create landings declarations (LAN).
  • EFICE Office can be expanded with the option to haven insight in the sales declarations (SAL).