Prior notification of return

I am unable to to create a PNO message.

A PNO can only be created when all your catch is sent and all the messages accepted. When you are only cruising or relocating you can skip the PNO and EOF messages and create an RTP. When you are still fishing but want to send the PNO on time, you can create a FAR with the expected catch and send it. Next, you can create and send a PNO. When you know the exact kilos of the last catch, you can correct your FAR and an automated correction of your PNO messages will be sent.

Correction PNO is rejected because the time is incorrect.

When you have added a FAR after you send a PNO, the PNO automatically will get corrected and send to the government. Sometimes it happens that the time of sending this new FAR exceeds the time of the original PNO. The automatically generated correction PNO will get rejected because the time is in the past. Adjust the time of the PNO and send it again.

My PNO is rejected for the reason: the combination between the specie and the date/time is wrong.

This means that one of the fish species you added to your daily catch is wrong or is an old code that is not be used anymore. The code of the fish species is also shown in the error. You have to alter the FAR concerns to correct the error. When you have send the corrected FAR and the government has accepted this message, you can create a new PNO message.