EFICE Auction Clock

An easy way to buy online catch,
especially for fishmongers.

Buying fish more efficiently is what the EFICE Auction Clock is. Buyers can buy fish simultaneously at the EFICE fish auctions; Urk, Harlingen, Vlissingen, Lauwersoog, and Breskens. By logging in on the EFICE website the user has access to one of more fish auctions. Besides buying fish, the user can also see the supply expectations.

EFICE Auction clock can connect with various accounting programs.
EFICE Auction clock is web-based, meaning that the user can use it on mobile devices.
EFICE Auction clock can be used by Android and IOS.

The following aspects are included as standard:

  • A smart way to buy fish.
  • Buy fish at several auctions at the same time.
  • Can be used on mobile devices.
  • Insight into the expected sale.