EFICE Trawler

Catch administration for personal use,
to be used by trawlers at sea.

EFICE Trawler is a bundle consisting of the installation of EFICE Trawler on the pc onboard the vessel. EFICE Trawler is an application that is used to register tows, batches, and production rounds onboard. EFICE Trawler is originally developed for pelagic fisheries but can be also be used by demersal fisheries. The user fills in the data such as where, when, and how long the user has fished in tows. Next, the user fills in how he has marked his catch by creating batches and how the catch is processed in production rounds. Thanks to EFICE Trawler the user has a clear and detailed overview of his catch and production. In the setting screen, the user can decide which data he wants to administrate. For some input fields, the format can be altered to the user’s preference.

A big part of EFICE Trawler is the possibility to relate tows to production rounds. This gives the user the ability to trace back the batches to position and environmental circumstances. The summary screen gives the user a good overview of the entire production trip. EFICE Trawler does not send messages to the government, there is the option to export your registered catch in EFICE Trawler to EFICE E-CATCH (when e-catch is used onboard).

  • Administrate Tows, Batches, and Productions rounds.
  • EFICE Trawler is a plain administration tool for its own use. EFICE Trawler is created in close relation with the crewmembers of various trawlers.
  • EFCIE Trawler synchronized real-time with the M-CATCH portal. This way the user onshore can see the production on boars of his vessel(s).
  • EFICE Trawler offers the user to create various reports.

*EFICE OFFICe is a part of EFICE Trawler.
* Runs on Windows.

The following aspects are included as standard:

  • Application on board of the trawler.
  • Multilingual.
  • Customizable settings.
  • Simple work method
  • Can be used, at the same time, in several places on board.
  • Proved a clear overview of the catch.
  • Developed in close collaboration with the end-user.


EFICE Trawler can connect with the EFICE E-Catch logbook.