An online logbook,
To be used by skippers at sea.

EFICE M-CATCH resembles a lot with EFICE E-CATCH, with exception of the following differences:

  • EFICE M-CATCH is a web-based online logbook. Meaning that the user can use the logbook by going to the M-Catch portal and enter EFCIE M-CATCH with his own username and password. 
  • EFICE M-CATCH is available on various mobile devices. This way the user can access EFICE M-CATCH universally.
  • EFICE M-CATCH has an (extra) option for the user to do his landing declaration from the shore. De landing declaration is prefilled based on the prion notification of return message (PNO). The user only had to check and correct the kilo’s if necessary and send the landing declaration to the government.  
  • EFICE M-CATCH has an (extra) option for the user to see the sales declaration. When the skippers sell his catch at one of the EFICE Auctions, he can see the declaration on his M-Catch.
  • Updates and amendments do not need to be done manually by a member of the EFICE support team but are done automatically without interfering with the users.
  •  EFCIE M-Catch has the option to show its user’s report of current and past trips. EFICE M-CATCH has the option to create reports over various time, vessels, and fish species.

All data is securely saved in the cloud. This way the user always has access to his data.

EFICE M-Catch is developed in close collaboration with skippers.
EFICE M-Catch can be used in Norwegian waters.
EFICE M-Catch automatically keeps track of the amount of fish that is caught every month.

The following aspects are included as standard in EFICE M-CATCH

  • Application at the p.c. on board of the vessel.
  • Multilingual.
  • Time-saving.
  • A clear insight into the fish quota.
  • Meets all government requirements.
  • Can be used in Norwegian waters.
  • Use of templates and favourites.