EFICE EU Supervision

Insight into the entire national fleet,
For governments

EFCIE EU is almost the same as EFICE Supervision, only has some extra advantages. EFICE EU Supervision has XSD-validation and EU-communication. EFICE Supervision includes everything a government needs to get catch data from vessels to Brussels. It consists of an EFICE logbook onboard, an ERS system, and a push and pulls mechanism to get the catch data to the EU following all EU regulations. Thanks to EFICE EU Supervision governments are able to check and manage their national fleet.

*The use of EFICE logbooks by the ships is required.

The following aspects are included as standard:

  • Web-based software.
  • Meets the requirements of various governments.
  • Multilingual.
  • Ability to create reports and reports.
  • Ones own fleet management portal.
  • Insight into fishing quotas.
  • Has XSD validation.
  • To be used with FLUX validation.