M-Catch elogbook is now used by Belgium fishing vessels.

On the first of February ’22, all the Belgian fishing vessels have started using the new M-Catch elogbook.

In cooperation with the Belgian government, we have successfully provided all Belgian fishing ships with a new online elogbook. From November to December 2021, several courses were held for all skippers about the workings of the new logbook at the Rederscentrale in Ostend and at the fish auction in Zeebrugge.

Over the past month, we transitioned Belgian vessels in groups to the M-Catch logbook, from which they can now send their elog reports to the Belgian authority. In addition to creating and sending these reports, it is also possible to create a variety of overviews of catch data, fleet insights and much more.

M-Catch is a good-looking, clear and intuitive application to work with, especially for someone who does not have a lot of affinity with computers. As usual, the EFICE team is always available for support or questions.”

  • Jan Fokke Kramer, Skipper Z.525