I have an issue with my E-Catch Elogbook, what to do?

Our support line is available 24/7 to help our customers with logbook issues. Contact our support line by phone/WhatsApp +31 (0)85 777 4445.

I would like to change the permissions on the M-Catch portal for my employers.

To change the permissions of your staff on the M-Catch portal, please contact our support line.

I would like to add a vessel to my fleet/ I would like to remove a vessel from my fleet on M-Catch.

This is possible, only when you have the permission of the skipper/owner of the vessel. You can e-mail your request to

I do not have access to the M-Catch portal, what to do?

You can send your request to Please make sure that all the detail, vessel name, number, etc. are added to the e-mail. Our support team will contact you for further action.

I have a comment on my invoice.

Please send your comment to and add your invoice to the mail when possible.

I want to cancel my EFICE E-Catch logbook subscription.

The license to use the log is issued once at the beginning of the year. Cancellation of the license key is free until March 1.

I have sold my vessel, what to do with the license key for the EFICE E-Catch elogbook?

The license key needs to be altered. When you also bought a new vessel, and want to use our logbook, we can change the setting to your new vessel. If not, the license needs to be transferred to the new owner of the vessel.