EFICE E-Catch logbook

On the left side of the communication screen in your logbook, you see the messages that are sent/received. On the right side of the screen, you the communication flow. When a message is rejected by the government, the reason why is seen on this screen.

What do the abbreviations of the e-logbook messages stand for?

FARDaily catch
DCADaily catch in Norwegian waters
COEEntering zone
CPEEntering zone in Norwegian waters
COXLeaving zone
CPXLeaving zone
PRNPrior notification of return
EOFEnd of fishing
DELRequest for deleting message (only in Norwegian waters)
RTPReturn to port
LANLanding declaration

Departure (DEP)

Daily catch (FAR

Entering zone/Leaving zone (COE/COX)

Prior notification of return (PRN)

Return to port (RTP)

Landing declaration (LAN)