EFICE Supervision

Insight into the entire national fleet,
For governments.

EFICE Supervision management is specially developed for governments. When a government is using EFCIE Supervision, she can see access to all the data of the vessel that is sailing under her flag. The user can create reports over its fleet of several vessels to see how many they have caught of a certain fish species in a period of time.

EFICE Supervision has various permissions that can be added to the user’s account. For example, the main user has every permission and another member of staff can only see (parts of) the trip or landing declaration. There are permissions to create a landing declaration and permissions to only see a landing declaration. To see an entire trip or only a part of it. To see the production that is registered in EFCIE Trawler of not. The main user can allocate the permissions to his staff.

  • Updates and improvements do not need to be done manually by a member of the EFICE support team but are done automatically without intervening with the users.
  • EFCIE Supervision can be used on PC’s, smartphones, laptops, and other mobile devices.
  • The skippers of the vessels that belong to the country’s fleet can choose between the EFCIE E-Catch logbook or the EFICE M-Catch logbook.

*The use of EFICE logbooks by the ships is required.

The following aspects are included as standard:

  • Web-based software.
  • Meets the requirements of various governments.
  • Multilingual.
  • Insight into fishing quotas
  • Ones own fleet management portal.
  • Ability to create reports and reports.