British vessels obligated to use EU forms for entering EU ports.

Easy way to download EU forms for British vessel on EFICE M-Catch portal.

Brexit has caused a lot more red tape for British vessels when they want to enter a European port. Not only do customs formalities have to be met, but the catch and time of arrival must also be registered via four additional documents. First of all, a catch certificate must be created on the MMO website and secondly, a Port State Control form (to prevent illegal fishing) must be created on the NEAFC website. However, the two other documents are not linked to a specific website which enabled us to implement them on the M-Catch portal.

Based on the e-log reporting, both EU forms can now automatically be generated with all mandatory information, after which the skipper or shipowner can validate the documents and provide them with a signature and then send them to the required authorities.

In the last three weeks, this option in M-Catch is already eagerly used and the reaction from both skippers and shipowners is that it saves them a lot of time and prevents manual errors from being made.