British vessels obligated to use EU forms for entering EU ports.

11 February 2021

Easy way to download EU forms for British vessel on EFICE M-Catch portal. Brexit has caused a lot more red tape for British vessels when they want to enter a European port. Not only do customs formalities have to be met, but the catch and time of arrival must also be registered via four additional...

First trip of the Scombrus

24 November 2020

The new trawler of France Pélagiqeu started earlier this month with her first (test) trip. For the crew it was the first time they work with EFICE Trawler, an administration application for own uses to register the catch and the production of the fish. The herring that will be caught during this trip will be...

EFICE Supervision

19 November 2020

EFICE Supervision has been specially developed for governments to gain insight into the national fleet, using the M-Catch portal.

EFICE EU Supervision

19 November 2020

EFICE EU supervision is an extension of EFICE Supervision. * use of the EFICE logbooks by the ships is required

EFICE Auction Clock

19 November 2020

EFICE Auction Clock is a smart way for buyers to buy fish at the auctions within the EFICE auction system, which includes the auctions of Urk, Harlingen, Vlissingen, Lauwersoog, and Breskens.

EFICE Supply Expectations

19 November 2020

Using this product, the user receives an automated supply forecast per auction day.

EFICE Office

19 November 2020

Your own fleet management,to be used at the shore. EFICE OFFICE is specially created for shipping companies, vessel owners, agents, governments, and PO’s. By using EFICE Office the user has insight into the catch that is still on board the vessel at sea and has insight into the messages that the vessel is sending to...

EFICE Trawler

19 November 2020

An administration application on board of trawlers to register the catch and the processing of the catch. * EFICE Office necessary part of OFFICE Trawler.


19 November 2020

A digital logbook for skippers at sea. Default data is entered automatically, which saves a lot of time.


19 November 2020

A digital, online logbook for skippers at sea. An online logbook that can be used anywhere and on various mobile devices, with options for different rights per user.